The Blue House

December 2010 


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Making the giant stride

Divers from Native sons in West End

Anthony's Key Dive boat

When diving is not good on the northside they come over our way

Pico Bonito

The cruisers leaving after a short visit with Pico Bonito in the background

Land..errr.. Tree crab?

Usually more terrestrial, these critters will sometimes climb the trees in their search for dinner

Another Roatan sunrise

All nice and green

December is the rainy season so all greenery is lush and full

New cabinet

The beginning of the new kitchen cabinets done by Jose and Eric woodcrafters

Roatan from the Sky

The Blue House from the sky, Some neighbors to the east but plenty of privacy and room to spread out to the west

Hallway and door to the deck

The new seahorse

Roatan Flowers

No idea what the name is but they are quite abundant around the Island of Roatan

A little color

The big plain white door needed some color so what better than a big seahorse

View of The Blue House

Looking at the Roatan Blue House from Blue House II

The Blue House II

While the Blue House may be known on Roatan there is the Blue House II which is Jose' Place

Anthony's Key Boat

Likely the most known dive operation on Roatan

Dive Boat just offshore

Often when seas kick up on the north the boats come over to our side

More Colors

Don't take the color scheme at the Blue House too seriously, We sure don't

New Cabinet

New cabinets we built for the kitchen